• Francis Dumanig,  University of Malaya, Malaysia
    Analyzing Discourse and Identity
  • José Miguel Alcolado Carnicero, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines
    From West to East, from Present to Past: The (Re)Discovery of Written Multilingualis
  • Joseph Gafaranga, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Where to from Here in Code-Switching Studies? Bilingualism as Interactional Practices
  • Meizhen Liao, Central China Normal University, China
    Metaphors We Construct and Organize Our Text and Talk by: toward A Model of Metaphorical Discourse
  • Kutlay Yagmur, Tilburg University, Netherlands
    European Perspectives on Multilingualism
  • Letsholor, University of Botswana, Africa
    Question Formation in Gllana: A Khoesan Language
  • Sandro Sessarego, The University of Texas at Austion, College of Liberal Arts, USA
    Chocó Spanish and the Missing Spanish Creole Debate: Sociohistorical and Linguistic Considerations
  • Songqing Li, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    English in the Linguistic Landscape of Suzhou, China
  • Toshiko Yamaguchi, University of Malaya,  Malaysia
    Space and Time in Language: Historical, Cognitive and Cultural Dimensions